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In the heart of the city, the Lefèvre Park benefits from a 9 ha space suitable for walking and relaxation, and where sits its emblematic Castle of the Forest, Louis XIII style and built in 1864 by Doctor Lefèvre.

The Forest Castle is part of the Livryen architectural heritage.

The Louis XIII style brick and ashlar building was built in 1864 by Doctor Lefèvre. Its estate then extended over 217 700 m2 of what was once the Bondy forest.

On the death of Doctor Lefèvre, in 1956, the commune acquired part of the property, 53,400 m2 to build a new school group, Jean-Jaurès and H.L.M.

In 1963 the city bought a second part of the estate, 70,100 m2 and had two colleges built there, Edouard-Herriot and Léon-Jouhaux as well as another residence. This phase ended around 1976 with the creation of the current 100,000 m2 park thanks to a third and final part of the estate.

The Castle is located in the heart of Lefèvre Park, which, with its giant California redwoods, cedars, and century-old oaks and plane trees, is the green lung of the city. With its 10 hectares of lawns and majestic trees, the place is a haven of peace and clean air.

Open to the public on May 20, 1979, it now hosts the sessions of the City Council and offers the Livryens exhibitions and cultural activities throughout the year.

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