Haringey - England (EN)

Haringey, a link with England

Haringey is a district, or “borough”, of Greater London, north of the British capital. This district, formed in 1965 by the amalgamation of Hornsey, Wood Green and Tottenham, has a population of more than 224,000. The mayor changes every year.

Haringey has been paired with Livry-Gargan since April 2, 1977. The association Les Amis de Haringey was founded in 1984 by families in Livry-Gargan in order to maintain the links between the two municipalities.

Haringey is known for the Tottenham Hotspur football club and the Alexandra Palace. The «Spurs», named after the star team, play in the Premier League. They were twice England champions and won the England Cup eight times.

The Alexandra Palace is the emblematic monument of Haringey. The architecture and the view of London are at the origin of the reputation of the place. This 19th-century Victorian building consists of many stained glass windows typical of the time. In 1935, the BBC occupied the eastern part, from where the first television transmission was launched in 1936. The building was the main transmission centre until 1956.

Today, the halls host many concerts and events.

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